Make it easier for yourself and others to work in the open

Working in the open makes your work better. But getting better often means hard, humbling work.

It’s going to hurt.

Your good intentions will be mistaken.

Your openness will be taken as if you’ve got the answers to everything. Even when you’re asking for feedback and help.

You’ll be challenging current ways of working. And taking responsibility for things way beyond your control.

Your process will easily be missed. And people will feel your work threatens or misunderstands other people’s.

Your design’s flaws will be exposed to fresh air (whether you like it or not).

But. Your work will be all the better. And working in the open will help others do so too. Because people will feel they can too. And because responses to your work will give the information they need.

And much of the feedback you get, even if it doesn’t feel positive, will be done with love. And admiration for your efforts and honesty.

And even when it isn’t. The challenge is where you grow the most.

It’s going to hurt. Growing as a designer is hard, humbling work. Does it need to be so tough? No

It hurts less when you make your work open earlier. You’re less attached to your design.

It hurts less when you’re sharing your work often. And it hurts less when you find a way to work openly which fits you and where your work is at.

It hurts less when you include others in your process. And make your process open and inclusive.

It hurts less when everyone else is working openly too.

It hurts less when we’re all supportive and constructive.

Make it easier for yourself and others to work in the open.

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