Let your design breathe

It can be easy to get caught up in a furious cycle of design research.

The strategy is delivery. And delivery puts pressure on to test your designs.

And if you’re developing a service against tight deadlines or with a large team, that can mean testing a lot. Of things, ideas and changes.

With the alternative being not testing things. Or not challenging designs, the pressure is real.

But you can find yourself sucked into a rapid cycle of testing session after session.

It’s easy to find yourselves designing in small incremental steps. And not making big iterative changes.

Sometimes you have to vary your pace.

Ask any developer and they’ll tell you the times they’ve spent hours failing to solve a problem. Only to solve it in minutes the next day.

Sometimes it’s better to give yourself some time. And challenge things with larger iterative designs.

Sometimes you’ve got to let it breathe.

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